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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Home French skin care and visits to salons around fifteen years of skin regularly cleaned twice a day, moisturize and protect from the sun.

Light Mat Sphere Hydrating 460 CZK unspeakable pores moisturizing care, La Roche Posey, sebum care SEK 380 Math Mate regulate sebum production, Bandera, 309 euros

S overdo makeup
See the famous French beauty. You will see the difference in their foreign colleagues, less makeup. French women are portrayed, without going outside, but keep the flowers.

Mascara, eyeliner and lipstick or gloss that is enough. Take lots of brown and black for the eyes and body and red lips.

If you do the make-up mouth red eyes usually do not show. They know when to them enough.
Actress Marion Lorillard known roles Edith Pilaf and Dior ads .... The model and designer Ines de la Doma shows that the French can get old after a couple of weeks to celebrate the French actress Catherine Deceive his 70th birthday.

Management is also your
French women are no different than American women are obsessed with gym and jogging in the park on their bodies, but not forgotten. Instead of sweating in the sport, it's better than a massage, watching your diet and use a lot of pampering. It is no coincidence that the best products for the sales department for a smooth, supple skin in the body come from France. Every year, there are an incredible number of units sold.

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