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Monday, 26 August 2013

Stereotypes of men

Pub, overalls, beer belly, jovial demeanor, profanity These are all the characteristics of classic redneck. He is a man who, although without general knowledge, but my life is doing quite happily. Mainly, it is to eat, drink, and what to watch.

His behavior has to ladies in gentleman away, as well as his manners. This type does not mind and is satisfied in the social group to which it belongs.

Tomcat, which is simply a woman can and is based on a significant part of their social life. It occurs often in combination with the type metro sexual or cool.

For your hobby in the form of seduction is able to offer substantial financial resources, own personal time and work and family life Lover not too much about the quality of women's catch, but rather their quantity

Women therefore do not take it seriously. There are trophies for him rather than an equal partner in life.

One sweet, kind and honest It is an excellent companion and a good friend from whom we can not expect any trick or Not infrequently, but when it lacks ferocity, confidence and determination to go into confrontation and promote their own interests.
This approach is often considered a good Urkel, which a lot of women confessing, go for coffee with him, but do not consider it as an object of self-interest  For More Information About Joey Atlas Reviews Please Visit Site=>>

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