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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Joey Atlas Scam - therapeutic effect on the areas affected by cellulite

Gel containing menthol, camphor, algae extracts, caffeine derivatives it will give vasoconstrictor, draining, and purifying, strengthening and up-tone effect. The procedure has a therapeutic effect on the areas affected by cellulite, stretch marks, reduce breeches, etc Joey Atlas Scam

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite - By wrapping applies paraffin. Since ancient times, people used paraffin mixed with sea mud, very rich in minerals and trace elements. This is an effective procedure for cellulite is not only a health effect, but really restores silhouette, and gives excellent results: after the first session - the loss of at least 2 cm. on the thighs and abdomen are guaranteed to 1cm, just be visually noticeable seal of soft fatty tissue and improve the contour of your figure.

These methods of dealing with cellulite give excellent results in a variety of musculature problems - musculature system: pain in the joints, spine diseases and other disorders, as well as impairment of the function of the thyroid gland. Treatments to fight cellulite: an effective way to fight cellulite – chemotherapy, by performing this technique subcutaneous fat produced by micro injection. Joey Atlas Scam The procedure itself is quite simple.

Is a very fine needle at a shallow depth (1, 5 - 4 mm). The procedure produced a special gun - injector means multiple injections around the work piece surface.

 Micro injections are performed so that each needle contact with the skin surface dermis deposited microdroplet formulation, which is a surface in the epidermis does not flow directly into the bloodstream, and is absorbed slowly, that is deposited.

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