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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Grow Taller 4 Idiots - Weight Club is simple mathematics

Paul Landforms grew tired of food prohibitions and training at the gym. The Weight Club went down 22 kg.
- Weight Club has no ban on food, it meant that I managed to lose weight.

32-year-old Paul Landforms from Saved allergen tired of diets where unhealthy food and drinks were banned. Although he went down a lot of pounds, he went quickly back to their original weight when he stopped taking them. -Grow Taller 4 Idiots Previously, I managed to lose a 10-12 pounds by stopping eating and drinking everything that was useless. When, after a few weeks to start eating again, the pounds creeping back.

Started out with long walks:
With a constant overweight since high school said Paul directly to the question on whether to start with Weight Club for New Year's Eve 2011. It was his sister and her boyfriend who asked the question and almost immediately started to Paul and his brother with long walks.
- It's very underrated as a motion to "just" take a walk. It actually feels properly in the legs after going 7km an hour.

Fitness boxing:
Paul quickly noticed that exercise does not have to mean sweating in a gym. Today he has found two activities besides walking that he can not do without.

- Because I think it's so sad to strength training, I wanted to try something different. I tested the fitness boxing and became completely hooked. Grow Taller 4 Idiots When I'm not running fitness kickboxing I play bowling active in a club. 
Eat anything:
In addition to training, the food has been an important part of Paul's weight loss. - What has been done to my weight loss worked so well is that I got to eat whatever. Weight Club has no ban on food, just have an eye on the size of the intake to do, it's simple math. I use the Weight Club the most to bring my food diary, reading about others who have succeeded and write your own recipes to keep track of the calories.

Minus 22 kg:
The Weight Club, Paul has gone down from 106 kg to 84 kg. The goal is to lose 80 kg before summer vacation trip and Paul do not see any obstacles to succeed.
- Both my wife and I will succeed. Then I have lost a total of 26 kg.

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