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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Joey Atlas Scam - Some creatures live very short lives

Some creatures live very short lives; they are mostly microbes, some of whom are from division to division just 12 minutes. Longevity of many different fish, some species live up to 150 years. Eagle can live up to 100 years old, the same life expectancy has an elephant. People, too, can live a very long time; a farmer lived 168, and left behind a widow 128 years Visit Link To Day:

Longevity - For a long time scientists have tried to discover the secret of longevity. A French physiologist at the end of the last century suggested that transplanted under the skin of human sex glands of young animals. He decided to experiment on himself, and the results at the beginning of the experiment were quite optimistic.
The scientist began to feel much better, but after a few months she suffered a catastrophic devastation. Scientist to prolong life offered a blood transfusion from younger people older. Very close attention to the problem of aging put forward two theories about old age.

The first theory, which agrees with modern science, is based on the fact that the oldest brain and it causes aging of the whole organism Visit Link To Day:
According to the second theory Metchnikoff suggested that there are two old age, old age is the first normal, but it is very rare, another premature old age, it is in most people.

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